Monday, February 2, 2009


Cuddling her baby, Cassie went to answer the door.

Anna, eyes bright beneath hooded lids, smiled at her. “I came to see my newest neighbor.” She bent forward and peered into the baby’s face. “Oooh, he’s so sweet I could just eat him up.” She held out her arms. “May I?”

Pride welled up in Cassie’s chest. “Sure.”

With a sudden sinuous motion, Anna took the baby, popped him in her mouth, and swallowed him whole.

Unable even to scream, Cassie stared at the bulge in the woman’s midsection.

“What?” Anna gave her a puzzled look. “You said I could.”


  1. You are too funny! And yest, she said she could!! Love it!

  2. Pat Ive just found this 100 word thingy and its awesome!! Now I'm going to have to try it. DO you still write them...I noticed the dates...cheers Leesa